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There are several hotels in Tijuana that are frequented by our customers.  We do not recommend a specific hotel, but all of the ones we have listed do not have a problem with dates getting to your room.  There are others that are also acceptable.  If the hotel you want to use is not listed here, feel free to ask us for our opinion about the hotel you are planning on using..  Your comfort and safety are major concerns for us!

Motel Premier

La Mansion

Marriott Hotel
011- 52-664-622-6600

Ticuan Hotel
011-52-664-685-8078 or 1-877-730-8308

Pueblo Amigo Hotel
MEX 01-800-026-6386 USA: 1-888-697-3791

The Grand Hotel
1-866-472-6385 or 1866-495-1879

Hyatt Place




The US Phone from the US is:
WhatsApp +52-1-664-440-2869
Email is:


Curious which hotels give the best prices?  What are the phone numbers for reservations?  Begin your research in the Hotels section.