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Angels to Die For!







Come and Visit us for a Heavenly Experience that is out of this World, yet won’t BREAK the Bank!!
The Premier escort agency in Tijuana, where your needs will be met by Beautiful, Caring and Sexy young ladies. Our naughty angels are waiting to provide you with a true girl friend experience. Just a phone call away. We will meet you at a convient location and take you to a safe romantic hide away for your sensual encounter with one of our Angels. Then we will return you to the border recharged and ready for your next adventure.

If you are thinking of paying in pesos, please check with us about exchange rate before hand so we can agree on exchange rate because it fluctuates daily.

To arrange an appointment, call our office between 10 am and 10 pm.  



The Phone from the US is:
Email is:
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Effectivve Thursday, October 25, southbound traffic into Mexico at San Ysidro must now utilize the newly constructed car lanes.  Instead of proceeding straight through the check points, you are now diverted 90 degrees to the right, then 90 degrees to the left, into check points.  

Effective Thursday, September 27, Mexico is changing the pedestrain crossing into Mexico.  Previously, you came through on the west side of the southbound lanes.  Now you will be coming through on the east side.  The entrance is close to McDonalds on the San Ysidro side.  Follow the signs, and you will pass through the border, and come out right in the middle of all the people heading back to the US!  You pass thruough that line, and walk on what use to be the bus/limo portion of the street.

You can then either cross over the northbound traffic (Sentri and Ready Lanes) via the pedestrian bridge, or continue walking up to the previous drop off spot for taxis, if you want to take a taxi to the hotel.  Our pickup points remain at either McDonalds or Centro Medico near the old entry.  This means crossing over the northbound traffic.  Thanks!